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Forget me not.

Studio Kars + Boom is a graphic design studio consisting of Kevin and Cynthia. They create illustrations that can be read like infographics. With its colorful designs Studio Kars + Boom aims to escape from reality. They create new worlds in which they would like to wake up every day. They want to make you laugh, stand still, look, amaze and discover. In their designs they are looking for the geometry in landscapes, shapes and patterns in cities, with which they create a new interplay of lines.

We are born, we live, we die. A search into our desire to preserve what is. Life comes to an end, yet there is the desire for eternity. Suppose this was possible. What if we could capture everything in a glass cage, lock it up and believe we could preserve it all? This series of prints is made with natural pigments of algae, they decompose by daylight. If you want to preserve them, you will have to protect them from daylight and keep them in the black box. They will not see the light of day. Therefore, if you want the prints to see daylight, you will have to accept the consequences. This project is the result of an artistic research conducted by Studio Kars + Boom, supported by the scientific research of the Art Academy Gent.

The duo's studio is a large, bright space. They have their own etching presses, large tables and enough space to create their own prints. From their studio the duo can see an orchard, with cherry trees and chickens. There is also plenty of space inside the studio. That's why Kars + Boom can experiment with various techniques. 

PLAN-B is open every day (free entrance) during Dutch Design Week from 11:00. You can reach us via DDW Taxi, Hop-on hop-off bus, bike, car (free parking) or via public transport. Every 5 minutes a bus departs from Eindhoven CS (this bus also passes Strijp-S) to PLAN-B. Take the 401, 402 or 403 to bus stop Hurksestraat.
LocatiePLAN-B, 4th floor

Tijd19 - 27 Oct, 11AM - 6PM

PrijsFree entrance

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