During DDW19 you can enjoy the refreshing hospitality concept called Block-Bar. 

The idea created by Mahmoud Said and Wing Mok will make it's return to PLAN-B after the successful event in 2018. 

Unwind yourself at Block-Bar! 
Teaming up with BEERZE you can now re-load your DDW visit at the pop-up bar on the fourth floor of PLAN-B with a coffee, delicious lunch and a bold Beerze!... when reloaded you can dance the night away at one of the basement parties and blocks out everything else because if not now then when!?

Block-Bar is hosting the official opening and closing party of Dutch Design Week. Click links below for more info!

Official DDW opening

Official DDW closing party
LocatiePLAN-B, 4th floor
PLAN-B, basement

Tijd11:00 hrs

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